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Question   every photograph
I love all of your photographs and you are a very skilled photographer. My 2 favorites are the one of the baby polar bear annd the hillbilly moose. I am an inspirirng photography and after I get out of the navy I want to be a photographer for National Geographic, so your photos are very inspiring to me.

- Lauryn Mcclintock March 21, 2009

  Answer Thank you very much. Keep in mind to have short range goals first, and keep a long range goal insight, after you complete those short goals you will appreciate it when you accomplish that long range goal. Please keep in touch.

- Marlene Buccione  March 25, 2009

  Answer That insight's preefct for what I need. Thanks!

- Gump Gump  January 16, 2012

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Question   Re: Your Website
Good Job, Marlene

I really enjoyed the Slideshows with the music.

Your photos are "SUPREME", Awesome! I greatley appreciate the artistic eye of a great photographer. Great !

- Nancy Steuer March 09, 2009

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Question   Great shots
These are absolutely beautiful. You have a great eye. When I see you again, I'd love to show you a few of my Israel pics. Photography is a hobby of mine. I'm no where close to as good as you, not even in the same ballpark. I just love to take pictures. Thank you for sharing with us...Ü

- Daphne Freeman March 07, 2009

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Question   eagles

- Charles J. Galdino February 14, 2009

  Answer These pictures are ralely REALLY well done I say that having my own experience with professional photography and having a strong appreciation for good lighting. Rudy- you're right about how the lighting worked at the Disney Concert Hall The evening exterior shots look awesome. Cynthia as for my favorites its pretty much all the ones you are smiling in! You look great and Luis is rather photogenic I didn't think I had any competition! LOL You two make a very attractive couple! Can't wait for the wedding! I can't get enough of this natural light it works so well for you two you know thats why films are shot out here for the light . if we had bad weather, everyone (myself included) would move to a different state.

- Jazmin Jazmin  May 14, 2012

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